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    Fundraising Tips | Strategies | Case Studies | Interviews

    Fundraising is a puzzle that every successful nonprofit must solve. No matter how important the mission or how great the need, you can’t serve the people who need your service without recruiting supporters who are willing to give their time, their resources, their connections, their celebrity and/or their money to help you create a positive impact in the community. But how do you find these philanthropic supporters? How do you recruit them to your specific cause? How do you turn one-time donors into continuous supporters? These are all questions that every nonprofit is trying to answer.

    Don't Treat Donors Like ATM Machines

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    “Don’t Treat Your Donors Like ATM Machines!”
    Written by: former Denver Bronco, Reggie Rivers

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    Strategies & Tool Kits

    1. How to maximize the effectiveness of your live and silent auctions.
    2. How to choose the best items and price them to maximize revenues.
    3. How to avoid common pitfalls that can derail your auctions.

    Improve Relationships with Donors

    1. How to stay connected to your donors so they will continue to support you.
    2. Engagement techniques that are free or extremely low cost.
    3. How to turn your casual one-time donors into repeat donors.

    Expert Advice

    1. Case studies from successful nonprofits of all sizes.
    2. Interviews with successful event planners.
    3. Insight from major donors about why and how they donate.
    4. Tips for raising money from those with deep pockets.
    5. Hotels, restaurants, airlines & other business owners; how/why they donate.
    6. Professional sports teams – how to navigate their donation requirements.