About Auction Fundraising Academy

The Auction Fundraising Academy is a resource to help nonprofits unravel the mysteries and challenges of benefit auctions and maximize their fundraising efforts, so that they can deliver more services to the people that they support.

Fundraising is a common pain shared by nearly everyone in the nonprofit world. It’s a necessary task, but a desire to raise money is not the reason that most people enter the nonprofit workforce. People who work for nonprofits are motivated by a desire to be of service to the community, a desire to make a difference in the world, and a desire to give rather than take.

They have expert knowledge about the problems that they’re trying to address, the people that they
serve, the valuable programs that they provide and the impact that they’re making. Yet, several times a year, they’re required to step away from the part of the job that they love, and focus on the part that they dislike—asking for donations.

That’s where the Auction Fundraising Academy comes in. Our goal is to make that part of your job
easier, with proven strategies to maximize your efforts. The goal is to take the things that you’re
doing well and help you do them better so that you raise more money for the same amount of effort. And if you are using strategies that are ineffective, then we hope that you’ll pick up some ideas from us that will allow you to replace those strategies with something else that fits your needs.