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Reggie Rivers just Head shot small 2Former Denver Bronco Reggie Rivers is a talented, quick-witted and experienced auctioneer. He has been doing benefit auctions for the past 20 years and has helped Colorado non-profits raise millions of dollars.

Reggie is a popular media personality, a well-respected philanthropist and someone who is well connected in the Denver nonprofit scene. When he comes to the podium, he’s not a stranger asking your guests to contribute, he’s a friend asking other friends to support your worthy cause. Reggie is a very effective and entertaining auctioneer.

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  • When the room is full of chatter from people having private conversations, Reggie, in his unique style, will grab everyone’s attention, so that the auction gets full participation from the audience.
  • Reggie understands the ebb and flow of bidding and knows when to wait for another bid, when to move on and sell the item, how to pace the entire auction for maximum enjoyment for the audience and maximum benefit for the charity.
  • Reggie never forgets that the auction is only truly interesting to the staff and board of the charity, plus the handful of people who are bidding. The rest of the audience is just waiting patiently for the auction to end, so Reggie makes a point to keep them entertained with his banter during the auction, so that they stay engaged.

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Download a free informational flyer about Reggie Rivers Fundraising Auctioneer services. You may share this flyer with your team or committee members before selecting an auctioneer for your next fundraising event.


Reggie Childhood Family Photo

Reggie Rivers was born at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, Ohio as the fourth of five children in an Air Force family. During his youth, Reggie also lived at Wethersfield Air Force Base in Essex, England; Alconbury Air Force Base in Cambridgeshire, England; Iraklion Air Station on the island of Crete, Greece; Homestead Air Force Base near Miami, Florida, and Randolph Air Force Base in San Antonio Texas.

Reggie graduated from Randolph High School in 1986.


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