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Helping You Exceed Your Fundraising Goals!

JJ Raterink is a fun, creative and entertaining Benefit Auctioneer, who is 100% committed to helping nonprofits exceed their fundraising goals. Whether it’s a fancy gala event in a hotel ballroom or a small fundraiser in an school gym, JJ focuses on helping the audience do what they came there to do — give their financial support to your nonprofit.

JJ was a professional athlete who played Arena Football and has moved into broadcasting as both a sideline reporter and color analyst for AT&T Sportsnet and NESN. He has done motivational speaking in the communities in which he played as the team spokesman. Born and raised in Longmont, Colorado, JJ attended the University of Wyoming graduating in 2005. He currently lives in Denver, Co and participates with his father in a family classic car business.

JJ has had 12 years of experience in motivational speaking within the communities wherever he has played. He has served as the team spokesperson, speaking to schools and young sports teams about the values of hard work and dedication through sports.

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JJ's Perspective

I've always believed that we should think about what mark we make, what impact we have and how we can continually have a positive impact on others. When you're doing that, you're living the life you're supposed to be living.

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