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    Dani Espinosa

    Fundraising Auctioneers

    A fundraising auction is a very special opportunity for a nonprofit organization. There are only one or two times a year that you gather up an audience of hundreds of potential donors, feed them a nice meal, tell them about the important work that you’re doing and then invite them to make a difference by making a donation.

    When your live auction starts, you’ve got 15 to 30 minutes to turn all of your hard work of preparation into revenue, and that’s why the right auctioneer makes so much difference.

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    Gino Greco, CEO, American Red Cross of CO & WY

    We had our fingers crossed that we would hit the $50,000 mark … we could only sit and watch, amazed and thrilled, as the crowd soared past $50,000. You kept them enthusiastically giving until their generosity reached nearly $100,000! It felt like the audience would not stop giving!

    Samilja Heim, Resource Development Director, TESSA

    Thanks in large part to the energy you sparked in the audience we netted over $111,000, more than $40k above our goal and double last year’s net. From the moment you kicked off Raise the Paddle, I knew we were in for a spectacular performance and you certainly delivered.

    Dave Ryan, CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado

    With your help we raised $115,000 (net) on a goal of $73,000. Last year, this same event raised $40,000. We are overjoyed! The auction was fun! You kept it humorous and light, but also fast-moving. I think we raised much more than we would have with a more traditional auctioneer.


    Our benefit auctioneers are professional experts who never fail to remember that the goal is raise as much money as achievable, while exemplifying the not-for-profit organization in the very best and the most effective way as well as providing the guest the greatest experience possible. Our record-setting performances at event after event have actually proven that our formula of meticulously crafted strategies, techniques and approaches along with the ability connect with the audience, will enable you to attain your fundraising goals and objectives.

    Our team will deliver unparalleled service and support to you from start to finish. Prior to your event our team will help you determine:

    • The types of items that will raise the most money.
    • The ideal number of items for the size and resources of your audience.
    • The best order to present the items.
    • Starting bid amounts.
    • Strategies to turn your paddle raiser into a tidal wave of support.